Startup – Things you should while you are training. Solutions that have a cost are optional, however we advise that you use them to maximize your exposure and lead generation.  This is your business.

I.  Schedule a 30 Minute Evaluation

II. Sign Up for GPS Debt Technology
In order to offer the GPS Debt payoff mapping Technology in all 50 states, you’ll need to get contracted with the developer. The solution cost is normally $149 to join and $50 per year after.

  • The solution is perfect to help prospect managed their monthly budget
  • Your Clients Pay Their Debt & Liabilities Off Early
  • Your Clients Pay Their 30 Year Mortgage in as Little as 5-7 Years
  • Your Clients Eliminate Up To 75% of Your Interest
  • No Change to Their Budget or Lifestyle
  • No Refinance, Modification or Consolidation

III. Links & Videos You Need to Learn to Sell the Technology

Live Zoom Educational Presentation of Technology & Life Insurance – Close rate 30% to 35%

IV. Links & Videos You Need To Learn to Sell the Technology

Press & Play – Rapid Funnel Educational Video Zoom Presentation of Technology – Close rate 20% to 25%

V. Become an Active UFF Technology Agent

You must do 2 training sales with your Sponsor as a split. At this point you must take and pass the UFF Sales Course by Britney Prichard. Please contact Ron Harris by email ([email protected]), to receive this 1-2 day course.

Afterwards do 2 sales on your own at that point you will be a UFF Sales Associate. If you are ready you can start on the lead program as an experienced UFF sales person. Your goal is to become an Executive Director and to recruit 2 more sales people and nurture then to Sales Director.

VI. Setup your appointment calendar, ScheduleOnce.

VII. Create a Conference Platform with Zoom, Free Conference Call, or one of your choices and master it.

VIII. Price Sales Demo Software
You need our proprietary indexing arbitrage demo Software and it is $225 per year.
Please your contact information, Name, Phone Number and Email, with Subject Price Software to
Ron Harris: [email protected]

IX. National Life Group Contracting
You need to get contracted by National Life Group for Insurance Sales.
Please your contact information, Name, Phone Number and Email, with Subject NLG Contracting to
Ron Harris: [email protected]

*If you need to get your insurance license go to the Pre License Page and register.