Go Debt Free

Debt Manager and our go debt free program uses sophisticated technology that serves as a financial GPS to direct the user to pay off their 30 year mortgage in as little as 5-7 years, with no change to your budget.

Consumers who use this smart debt elimination tool will save up to 70% of the interest on their 1st and/or 2nd mortgage, without changing budget. Our go debt free solution shows the user the exact date they will be debt free and its debt reduction results are proven.

The technology works on all kinds of debt; credit cards, residential and commercial mortgages, auto, equity, personal, student, equipment and business loans. The technology can manage multiple mortgages and all personal and/or business debt simultaneously, it can also be securely connected to most bank accounts.

The technology prioritizes your debt and pays the most costly loans first and continues this method until all the user’s debt is completely paid off.

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Go Debt Free Solution – Game Changer

Debt Manager and our go debt free solution uses an algorithm based technology that maximizes 4 key money saving principles; strategic payoff, interest accumulation, interest float and interest cancellation. The solution is programmed to eliminate debt in record time.

This is a game changing solution. Being able to pay a mortgage in as little as 5-7 years means that a baby boomer in his 60s, still has time to buy a home.  This solution gets the user to equity faster, to more savings, more disposable income, more money for investing and more money for retirement, simply more wealth.

Interactive Financial GPS

Our go debt free solution uses an intelligent digital interactive mobile financial planner, educator and guide that keeps the user on track, prompting them to follow the optimized road map to debt freedom. This includes payments, account or money movement, step by step instructions, as well as the dates and times those payments or moves need to be made. 

A user can enter a potential purchase into the solution to see its true consequences, interest and debt implications, as well as the effect the purchase will have on their net worth. The solution also shows the user how they can quickly pay off the new loan or purchase, and it adjusts to the new date in which the user will now become debt free.

The Wealth Gap

Financial illiteracy is the #1 Economic Crisis in the World, which impacts more than 5 billion people across the planet. 

There is a wealth gap in the United States that is threatening Americans’ aspirations for social advancement and equal opportunity. Minorities, women and the least educated have some of the lowest financial literacy rates in the nation, a major concern for businesses that see attracting a more diverse workforce as a business imperative.

This financial literacy and our debt manager know all solution equips the user with the knowledge and skills to be able to make sound financial decisions that will help them manage money more effectively. It shows the user how money works, how money is made, spent, and saved as well as how to manage debt. 

Consumers that use the app generally become better at making financial decisions and they learn that their money can work for them.