Why Agents Fail?

So why do most insurance agents fail? Because most insurance agencies are hoping that you, the agent, turn your friends and family into prospects. The strategy industry adopted on Feb 10, 1977, the start date of Primerica. You are paper thrown on the wall.

Once you’ve exhausted your warm market, they don’t really care what happens to you, you are on your own and NFL, No Friends Left. Agencies get sales from agents’ spheres of influence and agents come and go. 

This is why statistics show 50% of all insurance agents have left the industry in the last decade. 

Fresh Blood

Agencies must market the benefits of their solutions and agents must market themselves as the best source for those solutions. This is the way Coca Cola did it on TV in the 20th century. I often ask business owners the question; What kind of company is Coca Cola? 95% say, a beverage company. The truth is Coca Cola is a Marketing company with a recipe, all work and sales are done by bottling companies at the local level.