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Financial education services are available in Financial Literacy Group (FLG), EST in 2012 is a financial wellness company who serves middle class individuals and families. We are a collaboration of solution specialists, software developers, systems integrators, debt counselors, certified financial educators, experienced independent financial advisors, insurance agents and incentive tax recovery experts, that are dedicated to the wellbeing of you and your family.

We believe that Economic Inclusion begins with financial literacy and we will provide a financial education to as many people as we can. We strive to bring financial wellness to Americas’ diverse underserved middle class, we will teach people from all generations, how money works, how to eliminate debt, cancel interest, improve credit, build equity and we will optimize their ability to accumulate wealth. We understand the financial educational needs of agents across the U.S.,

We teach Hybrid Arbitrage, and financial wellness which is Banking Like a Bank it is a solution that is a unique combination of GPS debt technology and a special kind of liquid index universal life insurance. The goal is not to use a whole life insurance policy, the goal is to strategically optimize your pay off using technology, eliminate up to 75% of the interest, while paying off your debt or mortgage in less than half the time. This solution is game changing.

A Strategy Of Disruption for a Better Future!


High Demand​

Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest jobs for personal financial advisors are projected to grow 7% by 2028, due in large part to the aging population of those in this career. Cerulli Associates predict 1/3 of financial advisors plan to retire or leave the industry in the next decade.


Flexible Schedule​

Financial educators & professionals provide financial advice provide debt management and asset based insurance products. With the new modern landscape of technology, connectivity, and mobility, most financial representatives have the flexibility to create their own schedule.


Diversity and Variety​

From sales and marketing to relationship building, keeping up with fast-paced industry changes and the technological platforms that power them, the challenges a Financial industry professional faces are different day in and day out. Since agents can now work from home, 50 states are available.


Unlimited Earning​​

The median annual wage for the securities, commodities, & financial service sales industry was $62,270 in 2019, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The top 10 percent earned over $204,000. With focus and dedication, what you put in, you can get back.


Digital Marketing

Social media campaigns generate appointments per week for agents & exclusive social media leads inexpensive. Not the warm market strategy industry adopted on Feb 10, 1977. This is why 50% of all insurance agents have left the industry in the last decade.


Career Progression​

In insurance licensing, there are many different opportunities and paths to advance your career. From client-facing engagements to corporate financial wellness solutions, managing a team or becoming your own boss, the options are broad and endless.

Why Choose Us?​

Finance Literacy Institute is the leading global provider of financial education and exam preparation. We’ve helped hundreds of thousands of individuals prepare for licensing exams, as well as for their careers. Get started with Finance Literacy Institute now, or learn more about why our students trust us to push them to reach their educational goals.

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Combination of Technology & Banking ?​

Write a policy from home.  Time is money! Also, you can write a policy in our Secure App. Do you need anything else?

The average full-time producer should realistically make an average of $14,000 per client and earn well over $100,000 a year. We also have a proven lead system.