Finance Literacy Institution Partner Program

Provide industry-leading solutions without the added costs to Finance Literacy Institution’s Partner Program. We supply the experts, experience, eBooks, funnels, materials, and technology. You can add an additional line of revenue and member benefits while focusing on your core competencies.

Why Partner with Finance Literacy Institute & Financial Literacy Group?

Finance Literacy Institute also partners with state societies, member associations, PEO’s groups, and resellers around the country to offer live seminars and courses, webinars, OnDemand libraries, and more. Give your career the maximum possible benefit by choosing the partnership option that fits your needs. Our reseller partnership program offers:

  • We Research Every Aspect of the Finance Industry
  • Exclusive pricing on Asset Based BOLI Style Insurance
  • Exclusive Pricing on Debt Elimination & Interest Cancelation Technology
  • Exclusive Revenue Opportunities For Individual, Family and Business
  • Customized eBooks, Funnels, Emails & Proposals
  • Up to Date, Marketing content, Posts, Webinars & Approaches
  • Access to Finance Literacy Institute’s instructors for private classes
  • Behavioral Financial Advice, Continuing Education, Daily Training, and more

Benefits of Finance Literacy Institution Reseller Partner Program

We can create custom programs for topics or modalities that make the most sense for your clients. Whether you are looking for an off-the-shelf solution or a highly customized program, Finance Literacy Institute makes it easy for you. We have the technologies, discount pricing, and reseller programs you need.