So What Works

So what works? What does a successful insurance sales and marketing strategy look like?

  1. A solution solves common problems of your target audience
  2. An online persona that matches the strategy & solution
  3. A message that points out the pain of these issues
  4. A message describes your solution & its Benefits
  5. Market yourself as an expert on the pain and solutions
  6. Market yourself as the best source for information 
  7. Market yourself the best way to get started
  8. Make yourself available and easy to connect with.

Old Marketing Strategies

Old sales strategies don’t work in this new digital environment.

Telemarketing doesn’t work anymore. Caller ID warns consumers who’s calling and people don’t answer calls from numbers they don’t recognize. 

Direct mail is old school. Everyone now does business online, paying bills, buying products and services, we even do our banking online and the mail is saturated with junk.

Email Marketing? With spamming, phishing and privacy issues, people don’t open emails from strangers, especially if there is an attachment, we’re all trying to avoid viruses.

Cold Calling Consumers is like looking for a needle in a haystack. What we get is a lot of dial tones, voice mails and doors slammed in our face.

Buying leads is a thing of the past, chances are those leads have been sold to multiple agents, exclusive leads cost too much, and you don’t know what was said to the prospect to get to connect.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Billions of people get their news from social media. Where do you think they look to get ideas that will help them solve their issues? 

If you deliver the right problem solving message, and target the right audience, they will come to you by the thousands every month.

Most consumers however, don’t want to talk about life insurance until they need it. Example, if you are speaking to 100 people in a room and you ask them who needs life insurance, maybe 2 or 3 will respond and 90 or so will move away from you. But, if you ask those same 100 people who would like to pay their credit card debt fast, get rid of student loans or pay off their mortgages early, while saving thousands of dollars on interest? 70 to 80% will want to know how they can do this. Americans have over $14 trillion in debt, that is a warm market.

But, you don’t want to do the advertising yourself, you don’t have the time to do this work, your time is too valuable. You need to work with a social media professional and pay them to educate your prospects online and guide them to your calendar. 

You need to be talking to a minimum of 10 warm prospects per week, not building funnels, campaigns or trying to find new prospects. If you do this right, it doesn’t really matter how much you spend to get appointments with prospects hoping you can solve their problems. 

Our social media campaigns generate appointments per week for 50 agents, we are able to increase to enough leads for 300 and exclusive social media leads start as low as $22 each.