Sell Life Insurance without Selling Life Insurance!

Dear [First Name], Would you like to earn top life insurance commissions without really selling life insurance?

Our solution was created by the perfect confluence of events.

Defined Market: Middle or working class Americans retire with dignity.  The issue is that most Americans cannot save enough for retirement, because we all spend 85% to 99% of our cash flow weekly. 

For most of us, our debts will keep us from a comfortable retirement! What if our products created the solution?  Imagine every penny of your client’s debt over the next 10 years was going into your product line before they got out of debt. What if you can turn their debt into wealth?

What makes this possible now? The Cares act of 2020 allows policyholders to put 3 times the money into Insurance products before they become MEC. This has never been done before. Now we can truly teach our clients how to Bank like a Bank.

How do we find customers? We do not cold call, We do not chase our friends and relatives. We do not go to their kitchen table, we work from our office virtually using the Zoom Room. We use dedicated Advertising Managers that manage our advertising on platforms such as FaceBook. We also provide sales funnels for all agents. Learn more.

We use videos and artificial intelligence to educate our customers and then they schedule you for an actual appointment. How Important is it to have a full schedule daily filled with Appointments that are coming to see you, and the words we teach you to say will be exactly why they are showing up in your zoom room. Yes no bait n switch tactics.

Perfect Solution: No Surrender Charge Index Universal Life, Pure No Fee Annuities, Critical Life Benefits, as well as Technology to Monitor and Provide daily Instructions in getting our client to their goals.

Compensation: Our strategy is outside the box, and the compensation is unparalleled. Our average target premium is $8k per client, and you have enough appointments to write 2-3 net sales per week. Our Average total compensation per client is $8k – $13k. Our Max Payout to our Producers on that target premium is 90%. 

The Catch we have to take our commissions over 6 years. But if you write 2 sales a week for a year, and the client follows the instructions of the technology, pays their mortgage early and you provide stellar service. This means you would make $120k for 6 years on one year of sales. Imagine waking up 12 months from now and knowing you have $120,000 coming in before you make your first sale of the new year? 

Predictable Cash Flow is one of the keys to you surviving long term in this industry. You do not have to recruit, but imagine you could recruit an agent and give them the same contract as you have and you got paid 6% on their premium and .25% of their excess premium which just happens to be every penny of their clients debt.

Equity Ownership: If you have read this far some agencies talk about Equity Points. Some of our Vendors also have Equity Programs for us, but most Insurance agents sign their contract and give away their equity position day one. Your Contract is with the insurance company and you own your agency from day one. 

No Promises here, Just a rock solid contract that day one you are vested and paid from the life insurance carrier. Never ever sign away your control and become a LOA where you are paid from the agency.

What if everything that you just read was real? 

Please, click on the link below, register, read and watch our Overview. When you are done go ahead and click the link to schedule a quick 15 minute interview to see if you are a fit for our project. 

Millenaries will be created, will you be one of them?

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