Compensation for Technology and Banking Solution

Commissions: (Licensed get Both Dual Comp)

*This is a Basic Breakdown – Please watch the Detailed Video

Non Licensed: 

1. Get Paid $500 to $1,500 for each person you talk to that signs up to save both time and interest with our debt elimination program!

2. Build a Team and get paid on their sales with our Agent Override Program.4.%-26%
3. Participate in company-wide profits with our lucrative Bonus Pool Program.

(there is a lot to the comp plan very lucrative)

Licensed Life Insurance Agent:

90% Of Target Banking like a Bank IUL 15% a year 6 yrs ( Average Target $15,000 ) 

+Earn 1.5 Excess Premiums yrs 1-10

+Earn 1.25 Excess Premium yrs 11 forwards as service fee

Annuities 6%

Recruit Agent earn 6% Override offer the same contract to a New Recruit

Residual Income is very nice!

*Recruiting is an option but not required. We have some Agents who only want to do the sales & close deals. Others who like to do the team building aspects to reap the rewards & overrides.