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Banking Like A Bank Consumer Specialist (USA)

Financial Literacy Group Professional Educator

Compensation: Weekly Pay Can earn from the Tech Sale without Insurance License Must have Insurance license to earn from Sales of Insurance.
employment type: contract

Job Title: Banking like a Bank Consumer Specialist

Professional Insurance Agents and Non-Licensed Professionals. We welcome you to take some time and learn about Banking like a Bank Movement.

We help Consumers get out of debt using a combination of Technology and a well designed IUL Insurance Policy with no surrender charges. Once the debts are paid off you would expect the game plan to be to save and or invest those debt payments so they can achieve prosperity! Banking Like a Bank knows for a fact the key is spending not saving and or investing.

Going from 345 debt payments to under 100 by itself is amazing! But helping the consumer unlock millions of dollars of potential profits to be rerouted to themselves is truly priceless.

We have been using social media to develop our appointments since 2019. While we do both types of client acquisition, it is fun to have customers find you and chase you. So yes, we have an amazing lead system and to top that part off you can be sponsored where someone will pay for your daily ad spend on social media which could be as high as $200 per day.

You can earn immediately without a professional Insurance agent license, but you will only earn from the technology sale. But we have many Non-Licensed Professionals earning 6 figures plus without ever obtaining that insurance license, the catch they must turn the case over to the insurance professional to close the case and service it.

The most amazing compensation plan of our time is part of the banking like a bank movement. Never in the insurance industry has there ever been an amazing residual income that comes close to our income from our customers. Just 100 customers who are banking like a bank will generate on average 11 years after those sales just $75,000 per year and this goes on each year that they maintain that contract and practice banking like a bank. For you the professional to truly protect your investment, it is key for you to be paid by the carrier and vested day 1 for your sales.

We invite you to see our business overview and then we encourage you to get back with the person who invited you to look at the biggest movement of our generation. We want to thank you in advance for your time and consideration, and truly look forward to you considering the Banking like a Bank Movement!

I invite you to go through the links below and view our business overview, read our book a best seller in Banking and education on Amazon. Once you have done all of this you are ready to schedule an interview with me to answer any questions that you have and to determine if we are a fit for one another.

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